We insert agriculture into cities.

Discover agriculture of the future

Today's agriculture drawbacks


Due to transports, the use of pesticides and plastic packaging our everyday consumption is polluting.


Half of the fruits and vegetables produced are wasted from the fields to the end customers.

Low quality

To be able to answer the huge demand, agribusiness industry has focused on diseases and transport resistance of their products, at the expense of their quality and nutritious aspects.

We bring what you eat directly to where you live.

We have developed unique indoor greenhouses, enabling anyone to produce fruits and vegetables directly at home. Connect your greenhouse, specify what is growing, our device takes care of all the rest.


Fill in the water tank

Insert a seed

Plug in the greenhouse

First version available soon

Our team is working hard on the production of the first units, that will be ready for mid-2019. Stay tuned ...



No gas emission, no waste, no pesticide, no plastic, and no GMOs

The best quality

We carefully choose our seeds, and ensure a perfect nutrients delivery to plants to provide our users top quality fresh organic fruits and vegetables

Abundant production

Our greenhouses enable you to grow up to 200 plants simultaneously


Our greenhouse is modular, it can be tailored to any budget and available space. Users can choose its size, adding a new tray when they want!

Fully automated

Irrigation and growth conditions are fully automated: our greenhouse requires no skills, and less than 15 minutes of maintenance per week

Controlled climate

We control the environment in the greenhouse to grow plants optimally

Our vision

At Caulys we are convinced of two things: the first is that it is necessary to create new methods to feed the population of tomorrow, conventional agriculture reaching its limits. The second is that we have found a solution that meets this need, technologically and economically viable.

They trust in Caulys !


They help us reach our aims.

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Grégoire Gentile

Co-founder and C.E.O

Vincent Keller


Tom Lachkar

Co-founder and C.B.D.O