C a u l y s

Bring agriculture downtown


Caulys Farm

In your living room, your canteen, next to the coffee machine or in your restaurant: Caulys Farm is your urban greenhouse.

It enables you to access quality products, wherever you are, without GMO, pesticide, from seeds sellected on their tasty and nutritious aspects.

Grow fruits, vegetables, greens or edible flowers right in front of your eyes.

Caulys Farm answers to your needs and respects the planet.

Better, it enables to cut transport, plastic packaging and to use 95% less water compared with traditional agriculture. This to consume fresh and local products, all year long.

Your greenhouse is autonomous and optimally manages its light, irrigation and nutrients delivery. Temperature, humidity and CO2 levels are adjusted in real time to provide the best climate conditions for your production.

Thanks to the fertile soil+seeds Caulys, developp your urban farming.

Controlled ecosystem, seeds carefully selected, fertile soil.

Insert a fertile soil+seeds Caulys

Your seed will germinate and grow

Harvest your products !

Fruits, vegetables, greens, edible flowers, microgreens, ...


There is one for everyone's taste: Lemon, Genovese, Violet or even Thai!


Ideal to provide a slight anise note to your salads, omelets and vegetable or fish plates.


It's either love or hate. But it is for sure essential to all your Asian or South American dishes!


That's it, we just let the cat out of the bag about a successful 'Béarnaise'.


Your ally all year round: spring rolls, summer mojitos, automn cream soup or comforting winter teas.


Basically, ‘rabbit food’ is good for everything... and it goes way beyond weight loss. So please, help yourself!


Strawberries lower your cholesterol. We strongly advice you to eat them with chocolate. Really.


Beets, broccoli, cabbage, celery, kale, mustard, parsley, radish, arugula, spinach,... packed with nutrients and full of flavour, we love them!

Complete list soon available!

Simple and practical installation

Choose the numer of layers : you create you customized Caulys Farm.

Plug your greenhouse in a standard electrical outlet.

Insert your choice of Caulys's fertile soil+seeds

Fill in the water tank.

Harvest !

We bring agriculture in the heart of our cities.

''Let's produce what we consume and consume what we produce '' - Thomas Sankara, ancient president of Burkina Faso.

In a close future, we will need to produce 70% more food, whereas 80% of lands suitable for agriculture are today already used.

This is why we have developed our urban greenhouses, to act as a complementary solution to traditional agriculture. Our solution enables to decentralize agriculture and participates in tomorrow's agriculture production ecosystem. For an evolving agriculture, data recovery and automatic learning allow the Caulys process to adapt to diverse environments.

Caulys Farm brings fresh and healthy products into the city, with cultivation methods suitable for the urban environment. Our project falls within a perspective of a sustainalbe production and consumption.

'Caulis' in Latin means steam, which is in a plant the main structural element, linking the roots with the leaves and the fruits. 'Lys', in english lily flower, is the royal flower. Caulys aims to give back to plants their sovereignty in our societies, linking nature and mankind.


''Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.'' - Steve Jobs

Grégoire Gentile

Co-founder and C.E.O

Vincent Keller

Co-founder and Chairman of the Board

Tom Lachkar

Co-founder and C.B.D.O

Simon Honigmann

Mecatronics development

Emmanouil Jacovides

Energy and sustainability development

Nancy Keller

Financials and administrative

Mathilde Lorans

Marketing and sales

Lenny Rafaï

Graphical and product design

Our partners

Our partners

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You are Caulys.

We are creating a community. Your advices, suggestions : your ideas interest us !