The Caulys-Farm

A vertical indoor farm to produce what you consume everyday


Production from the seed to the final product ensures you an optimal quality of the harvested products


Our selections of seeds and cultivation methods ensure the production of excellent and tasty products

Local freshness

A harvest just before consumption, for unequalled freshness, without transport: you have never been so close to what you consume

Our technology at your service

A technology with watchmaking precision, giving rise to a revolutionary product


Caulys-Farm is modular: it adapts to your consumption needs, your budget and the space available for its installation


Irrigation, luminosity, temperature, humidity, adjusted in real time to guarantee optimal conditions for plant growth


Each Caulys-Farm is connected to the Internet, allowing us to ensure the smooth operation of the deployed units and allowing you to interact with your farm from anywhere

Why Caulys ?

In our everyday life, for our food consumption, we want to have access to :

Quality products

Provenance, treatments, supply logistics: we are concerned about the quality of the products we consume, which are essential for our health

Tasty and nutritious products

A dense and full-flavoured pulpy tomato, a fresh and richly flavoured basil, an apple from the garden: eating well is essential for all of us

Fresh, local, sustainable products

In a sustainable approach, we must consume locally, in order to have access to fresh products, reducing packaging, transport and waste

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Tomorrow's Catering

Imagine producing and consuming hyper-local, with Caulys-Farm 📍

Caulys-Farm EPFL

18 Caulys-Farm modules are installed in the heart of the EPFL campus. 🎓

Computer vision

Computer vision algorithms optimize the growth conditions of Caulys-Farm 🦾

Presentation video

Discover Caulys in 2 minutes 🎥


Rich in vitamins A, B, D, E and PP, minerals and oligoelements 🌱

Onions cress

Rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc. 🌱


Lettuce, basil, mint, coraiander, pepper ... your imagination is the limit ! 🌱

Chef @ Puur Innovation

Brocoli microgreens at Puur Innovation EPFL 👨‍🍳

Caulys in the press


They support us


Caulys is counted among the 500 best food tech start up of the world


Caulys won the maximum amount of the XGrant, with CHF 10'000.-

EPFL Resco

Caulys is supported by RESCO EPFL to bring agriculture on campus

Durabilité EPFL

Durabilité EPFL supported the installation of Caulys-Farms on campus


Caulys has been selected to be coached by Genilem for three years


ActForChangeLAB has made it possible for Caulys ton install a first version of the Caulys-Farm at EPFL

Prix du Jeune Entrepreneur

Caulys won the PJE 2019 with an amount of CHF 10'000.-


Innovaud helps Caulys find support in the canton of Vaud

Ville de Renens

If you live in Renens, to support sustainable food consumption, the city pays up to 25% of the price of a Caulys-Farm !

EIT Food

Caulys has realized an accelerator of 4 months with EIT Food

Confédération Suisse

Caulys project has been supported by an Innochèque

Caulys team

''The best things that happen in the business world are not the result of the work of one man. It's the work of a whole team.''
Steve Jobs

Grégoire Gentile

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Vincent Keller

Co-founder & Chairman of the Board

Tom Lachkar

Co-founder & Chief Commercial Officier

Nancy Keller

Chief Financial Officier

Alicia Perdrix

Intern engineer in life science

Pablo Castellon

Marketing development

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Chemin du closel 5, 1020, Renens, Switzerland

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